PwC Chats about Building a Better Meeting Room

Jen Üner

At ISE 2017, our own Steve Smith sat down with Mandeep Jawa, PwC’s Director of Emerging Workplace Technology, to talk about the future of work.

It was Mandeep’s charge to lead the digital transformation of an essential workspace at PwC Paris and he did so with élan: the Delta Room is the meeting room which now commands the highest utilization in the office, and has become an essential case study in how to do meeting rooms right. For those who are leaders in transforming business space and business process for superior outcomes, Mezzanine is the platform for architecting digital transformation. Clearly, PwC is a business engaged in understanding the future. For credibility in delivering that vision, it's important that the physical space used for transformative discussions with clients—the space provides both the utility and the actual experience, which signals a break from the past. Mandeep’s brief was to not just deliver "wow factor," but to change the meeting paradigm so that more ‘aha’ moments—moments of discovery, realization, and insight—are had. 


Take a look. In the short video above (the highlight reel of the full conversation), you’ll uncover the key priorities in creating a game-changing workspace. If you’re ready to distinguish your workplace and prepare your business for the road ahead, schedule an appointment to see Mezzanine first hand.

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