Pixels to the People

Team Oblong

Our chief scientist, John Underkoffler, gave a talk this past November at Ciudad de las Ideas in Puebla, Mexico. We recently discovered that audience member Peter Durand of Alphachimp made a real-time illustration of John's talk. 

Peter did a great job of highlighting John's key points. Starting with the challenge that user interfaces haven't changed in over 30 years, John talked about how computers should allow people to use all of the pixels in a space at the same time—that all pixels belong to everyone. He also discussed Oblong's mission to change the way people interact with their computers. Examples of how Oblong is expanding the workspace include our g-speak operating system that allows all devices to work together as a single screen. John also introduced Mezzanine, a collaborative conference room solution, that allows for plurality by empowering people to collaborate in a shared workspace like they do in real life. As Peter illustrated, people should no longer be limited to interacting with one device or one screen at a time—instead Oblong is building the future where pixels belong to the people.

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