Oblong Partners with GE at DistribuTECH

Team Oblong

Oblong collaborated with our partner GE this week at DistribuTECH—the utility industry’s leading smart grid conference held in San Diego, CA. Built upon Oblong’s framework for real-time geospatial data analysis known as Sluice, GE launched their new power management system, Grid IQ Insight. 

Sluice enables next generation data interaction by providing a framework to visualize and integrate multiple data sources into a common interface. Sluice provides a comprehensive operating picture, merging next-generation visualization, legacy applications, massive data sets, and simultaneous real-time command for multiple users across multiple screens and devices. As with Mezzanine™, Sluice leverages a triptych of displays for a richer, more immersive interface, which can be manipulated via our spatial wands, web browsers, and mobile devices. 

Using Sluice and our g-speak™ platform as a foundation, GE is at the forefront of the smart grid revolution. Our partnership continues to grow, as do our enterprise solutions for data analysis and collaboration. For more information on Sluice or to schedule a demo, please contact sales@oblong.com.
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