Oblong Industries Goes Global with BBC Broadcast

Team Oblong

The team from BBC Click, the BBC’s flagship technology program, flew over from London to visit our HQ in LA. It was great fun hosting Click’s presenterSpencer Kelly and his team at our headquarters for a behind-the-scenes look at our work. We were delighted to see the visit featured in BBC Click’s “USA Special”, which was just broadcast globally on BBC World News.

In this episode, the BBC team visits our ‘warehouse’ lab, a restricted area where a lot of Oblong’s R&D magic takes place. This was the first time that a broadcast team -- or in fact any media -- has been admitted to this facility, so it was very exciting to showcase some of our pioneering work. With our own John Underkoffler hosting, the BBC team was soon living the future of UI with hands-on access to collaborative technology prototypes for data visualization and content interaction. You can hear Spencer describing his experience with one particular demo as “looking at something very sexy”! 

Of course, we couldn’t let the BBC leave without a demo of our award-winning workspace solution Mezzanine. Following a live Mezzanine link-up with Oblong’s New York office, Spencer comments; “Out go the one person presentation-style meetings and in come a kind of free for all, where anyone can show anyone… anything. Be it their own personal screen, or video feeds from the web, or live camera footage from in-office white boards.” Yes, the future is all about Infopresence.

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