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Team Oblong

Back in February, John Underkoffler guided TED conference attendees through a brief tour of several g-speak applications. The TED staff did a great job filming and editing the talk, which you can now watch on TED.com and on YouTube.

All of us at Oblong enjoyed this opportunity to show our code off to a theater full of technology enthusiasts. John demonstrates g-speak applications that our clients use every day. But several of those capabilities -- the scalable image navigation environment, the SQL data-diving interface, the gestural wand -- haven't previously been part of our public presentations. 

 As usual, technology development outpaces marketing and the future is here, just lumpy in distribution. 

John also talks about why we think it's time to transition to a new way of thinking about and using computers. And he tells the story of g-speak, describing some of his precursor work at the MIT Media Lab and for Minority Report

At the very end of the video you can see a bunch of us running around in the background taking everything offstage. We had set up a portable version of our typical four-screen, multi-user g-speak system, as well as a separate workstation and various cables patching us into the TED video and network infrastructure. We got everything out of the way and into the wings in just over three minutes. Parallelism of a different sort than we are usually concerned with!

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