Mezzanine Certified as Webex Compatible in Content Experiences

Stephen Vobbe

Happy New Year! The news keeps coming out of Cisco following last month's WebexONE event. Today Cisco announced a new Webex Device Certification program. This program ensures consistent user experiences across Certified and Compatible partner solutions. This program is just another indication that Cisco is truly building out Webex as a collaboration platform, not just a meeting service. The openness of Webex, and the developer support provided by Cisco, provides customers access to loads of innovation that creates 10x better experiences for their employees every day.  

Here at Oblong, we take advantage of the Webex platform by integrating Mezzanine’s multi-share content capabilities seamlessly with Cisco Meeting Room Devices.

Oblong’s Mezzanine is the very first solution recognized as Webex Compatible in the Content Experiences category. This new certification ensures Webex video device users have a consistent meeting experience while increasing their ability to share live content by 10x. With Mezzanine and Cisco the meeting join and end experience is maintained while enhancing the content sharing capabilities for all users.  

At WebexONE, virtually every Cisco speaker discussed creating 10x better meeting experiences for users. That is a big statement and Cisco certainly backs it up through quality, reliability, and security across their entire Webex device portfolio. With this new certification program, Cisco can provide 10x better experiences through partner innovation while giving customers peace of mind that Cisco has tested the partner solutions and given their stamp of approval.  

So how does Mezzanine support 10x better meeting experiences from Cisco? Well, the 10x thing really resonates with us. Mezzanine integrated with Cisco meeting room devices literally improves the content sharing experience by exactly 10x. This is vastly improved content sharing over what the industry has allowed for the last 20 years. With Mezzanine, there is no passing of the ball or presenter changes. With Mezzanine, everyone can share all at the same time and everyone can see the complete picture…all while having a consistent Webex meeting experience.

Part of Cisco’s 10x theme is creating 10x better experiences than in person only interactions. We're excited to unveil a new Mezzanine remoter webapp designed to work with Webex and Webex Personal devices. Mezzanine’s Webex Certified integration enables remote participants to be “full” participants in the meeting. By using the tabs function of Webex or the embedded app function on Webex touch enabled devices like the Desk Pro, remote participants can contribute to the meeting just as if they were in the meeting room.

Oblong’s Mezzanine portfolio creates 10x the experience between remote team members and collogues working in a conference room. We're thrilled to be part of this new Cisco program.

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