Mezzanine Amplifies Watson Cognitive Computing

Team Oblong

At IBM Connect, thousands gathered in a San Francisco ballroom quickly understood that the same Mezzanine environment being used to deliver the keynote address was also an effective glue for uniting advanced workflows.

A sneak peek of the IBM Connect keynote demonstration of Mezzanine
You asked me to get the global team together so we can brainstorm on how to help the sales people,” Chris Crummey, Executive Director of Evangelism, IBM Watson Work Collaboration Solutions, told his boss.  “So we’re going to use Mezzanine from Oblong as a platform for our meeting, which will allow us to collaborate and innovate in real time. You’re going to love this.  It’s like a multi-threaded meeting experience.

This is where Mezzanine excels: in uniting collaborators across a geographically dispersed organization in an exceptional and multi-dimensional, multi-threaded visually immersive environment where real work gets done.   

Oblong and IBM had integrated the Mezzanine environment with the Watson Workspace, which allowed sales to move through the steps of closing business as a natural and seamless part of the meeting.

The Power of Infopresence

With Mezzanine’s Infopresence, data breaks free from the confines of individual computer and projection screens and comes alive, defining a new way to work. When everyone in a distributed team sees everything in the same way at the same time, they make faster and better decisions.  

The audience in San Francisco was wowed by how the sharing of numerous cognitive applications from any device enabled teams to answer important questions faster and design better solutions. 

We’re proud of what we’ve done together with IBM Watson groups. It speaks volumes that the social collaboration masters of cognitive computing have chosen to work so closely with us. Moreover, the Watson IoT and security teams also invited us to their recent events, having come to the same conclusion.

A Shared Passion for Design and Making a Difference

The integration of collaborative and social technologies that IBM and Oblong have achieved allows people from around the globe to share real-time insights, which quickens decision-making and ultimately helps companies become more effective and agile. 

Oblong’s UI-centered philosophy, our passion for design, and our dedication to making a difference through computing all align with this IBM mission. Our successful partnership to reinvent the way we work is a testament to the power of that shared vision.

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