Maximizing Productivity of Distributed Teams at Holder Construction

Jen Üner

Holder Construction was looking for a better way to connect team members and their content in offices in six cities.



Mezzanine is the solution Holder Construction deployed to connect team members in multiple locations with content from multiple sources. This Atlanta-based leading contractor of large commercial projects regularly meets to review architectural plans before construction begins. 

As Doug Hunter, Executive Vice President, describes in the above video, all projects of the firm go through his group. It’s an essential step in the process of bringing an architectural vision to life. Chad Douglas, Director of Pre-Construction at Holder, explains how Mezzanine helped their team save time and money, allowing for a positive impact on the bottom line.

We had a client who was very early in the conceptual phases of putting a project together. Our Virtual Design and Construction department sat in the Mezzanine room with the Revit file up on the screen and started making adjustments on the fly—what if we stretched this building a little bit taller, what if we made it a little bit wider. The ability to use Mezzanine and bring everyone into one place, in real time, meant that it was a five hour effort as opposed to a five week effort, because we had the technology to solve the problem quickly.

Holder Construction was also looking for a way to collaborate more effectively on projects between offices and to have everyone feel united together on the project. In the past, one person had to be the central point of control through which all aspects must pass. Now, with Mezzanine, this distributed team is able to seamlessly share multiple pieces of content and applications at the same time, including drawings, timelines, budgets and bids. With the pixel-rich multi-screen data visualization and creation capabilities of Mezzanine, large files can scale and render with fine resolution. So, when looking to value-engineer a major project for a client, multiple versions can be assessed simultaneously by the team. 

When all the stakeholders, tools, and materials can come to the table at the same time—wherever they are located, including on the job site—problem-solving becomes swifter and more effective. This kind of fluid visual canvas for teamwork is changing the game for Holder Construction. To find out how immersive visual collaboration can drive better business outcomes for your  organization, get in touch with us.

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