LinkedIn Eliminates Useless Meetings by Changing The Rules

Team Oblong

PHOTO CREDIT: Dave Getzschman

We've been blogging lately about companies leaving their old, presentation-based meeting formats behind for newer, fresher, and more effective meeting strategies. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner recently blogged about his company's decision to make meetings more efficient by eliminating "the artist formally known as The Presenter." We are all familiar with the traditional meeting structure of a presenter walking through a set of materials slide by slide. LinkedIn decided the presentation-based approach no longer made sense, instead opting to focus meetings less on a presentation and more on the discussion of the meeting's core topics themselves.  The role of the presenter shifts from serial broadcaster to collaboration facilitator. Meeting time is now spent discussing and debating the topic at hand, identifying action items, handing out to-dos, going deeper into the topic, making decisions, etc. Work isn't postponed for after the meeting—it gets done in the meeting. 

It is exciting for us at Oblong to see companies like LinkedIn take the plunge into more interactive, get-work-done type of meetings. Our collaborative conference room solution, Mezzanine™, is designed precisely with this intent in mind and makes it easy to support highly effective meetings where all users can connect their devices, share their content, and interact at the same time. We believe that too much time is wasted in unproductive meetings. There is a better way. To learn more, check us out on our website or schedule a demo in Boston, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, or Menlo Park.

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