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Jim Marggraff

Tech-industry veteran Jim Marggraff discusses his thoughts on the collaboration needs of virtual teams, and shares his excitement for the launch of Oblong’s newest creation: Rumpus.

PTS (Problems to Solve):  

1) Recover the lost productivity resulting from social isolation of remote workers.

2) Improve the means of sharing content and sharing intent in commonplace tools used for remote collaboration, such as Slack, BlueJeans/Webex/Hangouts/Zoom/Skype, Google Docs and others.

3) Provide tools for remote collaboration that offer mind-to-mind collaboration and communication that EXCEED what’s POSSIBLE in face-to-face meetings.

Imagine a collaborative, video environment where ideas, intent, and information can be shared instantaneously by, and between, any individuals at any time. The designers knew that such a new form of virtual team collaboration would be most readily accepted if it begins by recreating the familiar, natural dynamics of in-person communication, and then extends it.

Such an experience can then transcend the “one speaker at a time” limit of a group of co-located people sharing the medium of “air” as the ether of local communication. The result, with the simple addition of an initial set of capabilities comprising easy object sharing, simultaneous cursor movement, temporal markup, and contextual emoticons, is an elegant breakthrough riding atop traditional video conferencing.

Rumpus, a new Beta offering from Oblong, enhances human collaboration. From the creator of Tom Cruise’s iconic Minority Report manipulation of information from a trio of Spielberg’s “precogs,” John Underkoffler, Founder and CEO of Oblong, and his team, are bringing tenets of intent-transfer into video conferencing.

Rumpus currently rides on BlueJeans for a full video/content integrated experience. Rumpus also runs alongside all video conferencing apps without it becoming the content sharing app for your video call. You’re only one sent link away to more engaging virtual meetings with your colleagues where you all share docs, point, draw, and share emotions instantly! Try it here! It’s powerful!

Rumpus is Mac-only at this stage, with support for PCs and other video conferencing and collaboration platforms coming soon.

Really worth a test-run, for a glimpse of the future, with much more to come!

Disclosure: I’m on the Board of Oblong, and am smitten with this team’s commitment and ability to disrupt and advance collaboration and communication.

Jim Marggraff
Applying AI to Enhance Human Performance, Connectedness, and Communication

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