Leap Motion: Prototyping the Future

Team Oblong

As pioneers of the g-speak spatial operating environment, and with John Underkoffler amongst our founders (a visionary behind the famous interfaces of the film Minority Report) we congratulate the team at Leap Motion on the launch of their new gesture controller. We also extend a hearty handshake to all the consumers who are about to make the first leap with a gesture-controlled desktop interface.  Welcome to the future!

All of us at Oblong are happy to see Leap Motion now shipping. As developers we were thrilled to get our hands on the device a few months ago, and indeed it is already supported by Greenhouse, our tool kit for rapid prototyping of spatial interfaces. Among the unique features of Greenhouse is its ability to merge multiple devices, screens, computers and sources into a single environment seamlessly, for both gestural and device interaction.

With Leap Motion’s entry into the market, we can see gesture control between humans and machines now move beyond gamers, techies and academicians to enterprises and the general public. We’re on our way.

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