John Underkoffler to speak at White House launch event for US Ignite

Team Oblong

We are excited and honored to have John Underkoffler, our Chief Scientist, speak at the June 14th White House launch event for “US Ignite”. This initiative is focused on ensuring all Americans have access to information and tools necessary to thrive in a 21-st century economy through ramping up broadband networks and innovation. More information on US Ignite can be found on their website (

An important component of US Ignite is the US Ignite Partnership, which brings software developers and engineers from government and industry together with representatives from communities, schools, hospitals, and other institutions that could benefit from faster and more agile broadband options. By facilitating these connections, US Ignite aims to speed up and increase the development of applications for advanced manufacturing, medical monitoring, emergency preparedness, and a host of other services. The idea is to accelerate moving ideas and innovation from labs and schools into the market. And the hope is the resulting new applications will improve services to Americans and drive job creation, promote innovation, and create new markets for American businesses.

Oblong was asked to present an industry perspective for a few reasons. First, our work started in a university lab, making Oblong a real-life example of moving innovation from the lab to the marketplace. Through that transition, we’ve created high-skilled jobs, and we continue to hire. And although what we build is known as the interface of the future (Minority Report was set in 2054 after all), it’s available today, not just as a demo in the lab but as a real-life product.

With technology that addresses the challenges of big data visualization and of fostering collaboration across distributed workforces, we also see value in the ultra-fast networks the initiative is dedicated to implementing. We look forward to working with the US Ignite Partnership, and appreciate the opportunity to share our story as an industry case study and our point of view as a partner.

To watch the presentation via live streaming, visit the White House website at 9am Eastern.

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