Is Your Conference Room Holding You Back?

Team Oblong

The emergence of new technologies in recent years has greatly enhanced the way we work. Mobile smart phones, tablets, laptops, and apps enable lots of power, connectivity, and cross talk. Yet most organizations still hold meetings the old-fashioned way: in a traditional conference room, one presenter at a time. In that setting, communication is predictably one-way and defined by a limited tool set: PowerPoint, a projector, some cables, a white board. A distant office might join in via speaker phone, or perhaps via video feed. In that kind of environment, even the most basic attempt at collaboration can turn into a round-robin of plug and unplug per presenter (assuming you've got the right cables). The room is quickly devoid of that frisson that defines your most productive moments. 

 Instead of slowing you down, what if your conference room helped you be more productive? Imagine a room that understands everyone arrives with their own devices and content streams. Imagine a place where your team and its information can be unleashed across multiple screens in multiple locations simultaneously, where content can be sized and resized, rearranged, clipped, and saved to achieve true collaboration in the moment.

Mezzanine makes it easy for you to work more efficiently by enabling everyone in the room, whether physically or virtually, to fluidly interact, share visually engaging materials, and operate in real-time. 

Our customers tell us that group interaction is easier and they are more productive using Mezzanine. For more information on how Mezzanine helps you to meet and work more efficiently click here.

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