Forrester on Mezzanine: Our Collaborative Computing Future

Team Oblong

"Oblong offers a high-end, differentiated solution for collaborative computing that brings Minority Report flash to the workplace—with a much more tangible result."

JP Gownder from Forrester Research visited our Boston office recently for a Mezzanine demo and blogged about it. He has some good things to say! Gownder outlines in "Our Collaborative Computing Future: Oblong's Mezzanine" two core benefits of using Mezzanine in the workplace. First he explains how Mezzanine "helps employees take better advantage of data." In addition, he believes Mezzanine "represents a new type of collaborative computing." One of our core beliefs at Oblong is that our products will change the way we collaborate making it easier for everyone to instantly share data from any device, with anyone, anywhere. It's always great to see others find that value.If you’re ready to experience the next-generation digital workspace, schedule a demo in LA, NY, Boston, Barcelona, Chicago, Washington DC, Boulder or Menlo Park.

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