Everybody Rumpus – Windows 10 Support is Here

Team Oblong

Mac laptop users enjoyed first access to Rumpus. Today, we’re thrilled to announce support for PC laptops with Windows 10. Now everybody can Rumpus.

The Rumpus meeting app for virtual teams provides simultaneous access to as many shared screens as there are participants in the meeting. It delivers a new layer of communication and collaboration too with shared pointers for adding clarity, presence indicators for keeping everyone together, and emojis for signaling sentiment. Rumpus leverages the insights we gleaned over six years of work with our enterprise customers on Mezzanine, our flagship product for pixel-rich visual collaboration in the workplace.  

“We created Rumpus specifically to help distributed teams achieve the kind of cognitive synchrony that makes sustained collaborative work hum,” says Oblong CEO, John Underkoffler. “With the addition of Windows support, Rumpus now serves the entire community of remote workers, the millions of contributors whose daily work cries out for radically better tools – and specifically tools for true collaboration.”

We define true collaboration in terms of empowerment for every meeting participant. We believe that technology should augment human capability and elevate the collective intelligence of teams. When every collaborator can contribute equally, easily, and simultaneously, team purpose, spirit, and productivity all benefit.

Rumpus enables multiple streams of visual material to be concurrently accessible to collaborators alongside tools to improve communication in the moment. For voice and video, it pairs seamlessly with videoconferencing solutions from Cisco Webex or BlueJeans, and comes standard with a built-in audio-only chat function for teams who want to keep the focus on content. Personal cursors, visible to everyone in the meeting, help focus attention on particular details. Emojis, the language of the social web, make for quick interaction without interrupting the flow of conversation. It’s undeniable team members feel more connected and engaged when the tools of expression are readily available.

Download Rumpus now at rumpus.co. It’s free for teams on Mac OS and Windows 10 during beta. We want to hear how it's working for you as we continue its development. Let us know on the chat line at rumpus.co.

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