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To introduce the latest release of its Mezzanine™ collaborative conference room solution, Oblong Industries is proud to present a special event in Chicago on Jan. 28, 2015. Held in Oblong’s Chicago office, the event runs from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and will showcase the latest updates to Mezzanine through hands-on demonstrations. Guests will explore the future of conference room technology and workplace innovation with short remarks from industry leaders CBRE and Oblong CEO Dr. John Underkoffler, as well as take a behind the scenes tour of the new CBRE office space. 

This event will provide an excellent opportunity for Chicago’s CMOs, CTOs, CIOs, and other business leaders to rub shoulders with the top conference room technology innovators and adopters as well as explore new conference room technology solutions firsthand. Drinks and appetizers will be served by Fig Catering.

A demonstration of Mezzanine’s user interface and technology

Each 20-minute demonstration will allow event guests the chance to experience premiere conference room functionality such as:

Gestural Interaction:

Utilizing the same innovative ideas seen in “Iron Man” and “Minority Report,” Mezzanine allows users the ability to fully engage during a meeting with gestural interaction.


Event attendees can see how Mezzanine allows meeting room participants to interact with their own wireless devices, providing them with the opportunity to add, view, mark up, and even control the content being shared across a Mezzanine meeting.

Plug and Play: 

Mezzanine conference room technology allows users to plug in their devices and immediately share content across screens within a meeting, or circumvent the dongle altogether and connect wirelessly via the Mezzanine Screencast app.

Connected Whiteboarding: 

Users can utilize a whiteboard that is viewed by connected Mezzanine rooms and devices across the globe in real time, plus capture and save images from a whiteboard session.

Following the demonstrations of Oblong’s conference room technology, event attendees will have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders and early adopters as they discuss the future of conference room technologies, video conferencing solutions, and workplace collaboration. 

Event guests will first hear from John Underkoffler, the Chief Executive Officer of Oblong Industries. As an industry leader and adviser for several boards, John is the pioneer of the spatial operating environment and its application to the current state of video conferencing solutions and conference room technology. He will discuss how he expects to see the industry change in the coming years, the role of UI, and how solutions such as Mezzanine will improve workforce retention, team productivity, and business innovation. 

Attendees will, then, hear from innovative leaders at CBRE and discover how their team was able to utilize the Mezzanine conference room technology to make its internal “collaboration easier, presentations more dynamic, and meetings more effective" with its Workplace 360 initiative. 

The Workplace 360 initiative is designed to transition CBRE (and its forward-thinking clients) from traditional, assigned workspaces to activity-focused workspaces that promote collaboration through easier information sharing, the removal of waste, and the promotion of increased creativity for employees as well as clients. CBRE was able to do this through the installation and adoption of Mezzanine conference room technology in addition to a range of office design solutions to serve its mobile, collaborative workforce. Near the end of the event, guests will have an opportunity to tour the new CBRE River North office space, which was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune

We are very excited to host this event and share the latest news in conference room technology and video conferencing solutions. Join us for this event from 5 to 8 p.m. at our Chicago offices: 321 North Clark St Suite 710 in downtown Chicago. Register for our Chicago presentations and demos today. 

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