Changing the Meeting Paradigm at PwC

Team Oblong

In early 2016, PwC opened its Delta Room in Paris. No one would mistake this space for an ordinary enterprise conference room. This next-generation immersive environment spurs innovative thinking and deep engagement, which transforms client briefings from one-way presentations to collaborative conversations that have a major impact on PwC's business.


PwC’s consulting mission is to reduce complexity. The Mezzanine solution provides the optimal setting for insights to emerge from spontaneous side-by-side thinking with the client. Through the unique Infopresence experience that Mezzanine delivers in the Delta Room, meeting participants move and organize information across an immersive digital workspace in a number of ways, including gesture, touch tablet, and PC. Seamless viewing and nonlinear, simultaneous manipulation of many possibilities inspire transformational leaps in the way work gets done. 

Bernard Gainnier, PwC France and Francophone Africa Chairman, explains why collaboration is key to ensuring the group remains on top:

PwC’s creative leap from PowerPoint to thought-leading client collaborations is driving quantifiable results. We are thrilled to be helping PwC and its clients gain competitive advantage from early adoption of immersive workplace technologies. PwC is pioneering the future of work.

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