BlueJeans first to Rumpus

Jen Üner

We’re pleased to confirm that BlueJeans is first to integrate with Rumpus™, our new meeting app for virtual teams. The mature APIs of the BlueJeans video conferencing solution made it the clear choice for the distinction. And it's great for collaboration.

Like us, the folks at BlueJeans see a future where meetings are more intelligent AND the meeting infrastructure fades into the background so that teams are left free to focus on business outcomes.  Bi-directional interaction with the sharing information from a range of sources is how teams naturally work together. With Rumpus+ BlueJeans, teams can enjoy this same level of interaction when they are away from each other as they have when they’re together.

The Rumpus app allows meeting participants to share content simultaneously and includes personal cursors to point at and emphasize content, presence indicators to signal who’s looking at what, and emoji reactions to exchange feedback without disrupting conversation flow. By seamlessly integrating the best-in-class videoconferencing capabilities of BlueJeans directly into the Rumpus app for content-focused collaboration, remote team meetings are more engaging, the collective intelligence of the group is leveraged, and, ultimately, the team performance is improved.

“Oblong and Rumpus are a terrific example of how best-of-breed innovation can drive the industry to reach a new level,”said Matthew Collier, SVP strategic alliances and business development,BlueJeans. “BlueJeans is focused on the same objective: deliver the industry’s best meeting platform with partners that share the same vision of smart meetings, intelligent collaboration, and uninterrupted productivity. Working with partners like Oblong is how BlueJeans helps customers accelerate success.”

Rumpus is ideally suited to teams and remote collaborators that rely on each other and on a rich array of visual information to generate ideas, analyze options, advance projects, make decisions, and realize outcomes. If you’re interested in expanding your collaboration tool kit for online meetings go to to download the app. Then add existing BlueJeans credentials to host meetings with seamless video within a Rumpus screen sharing session. If you don’t yet have BlueJeans, you can create an account for free for 30 days by visiting

Happy Rumpusing!


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