BFM TV Features JLL France Using Mezzanine

Team Oblong

JLL France, the local subsidiary of the leading global real estate company, is making a huge technology revolution in the real estate space. They have created NXT, a room that's at the heart of JLL France's new headquarters, with Oblong's Mezzanine™. This ultra-futuristic space is located in rue de la Boétie, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.


BFM TV highlights (in French) how Mezzanine has transformed JLL France's workplace into a truly immersive, collaborative space that helps JLL France differentiate themselves. Mezzanine brings the Minority Report wow-factor, allowing users to physically move information from one screen to another, using a gesturally-controlled wand. 

Mezzanine coupled with JLL's large database allows the company to present all real estate options in the Paris region to their customers within one hour, saving the clients a tremendous amount of time. The immersive experience includes a virtual tour of the properties and all relevant information for the client to enable him/her to make a faster decision. With this initial success, JLL is exploring the possibility of reproducing the NXT room in other locations. 

Achieve the same collaborative success as JLL France and schedule a demo at one of our locations to experience an immersive digital workspace firsthand.

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