Busby is an application suite for rapidly authoring and deploying room-scale interactive content.
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Allowing designers, creative agencies, or marketing personnel to create interactive 2d experiences across arbitrarily large display surfaces.


1. executive briefing centers

2. socs, nocs and other command centers

3. conference presentation immersive trade show booths

4. digital signage

Busby helps you create dynamic layouts of content with images, videos, and webpages—each controllable with spatial inputs, touch, or keyboard/mouse.

Running across many machines in parallel, Busby allows synchronized content across any number of displays at native resolution without scaling.


create layouts using the busby web-based gui based on the flex box css standard

support for common image, live and streaming video formats

embedded, integrated web objects support existing web pages or custom web content or web interfaces

support for fades, color, and translation transitions, with easing and timing considerations

json extensions to support sophisticated movement and animation

flexible event triggering from content, or external control from multiple, redundant sources

box or other file management system integration


create flexbox-like layouts using a simple web-based GUI

busby allows content to be customized with short turnaround for specific events or visitors

and keeps experiences fresh - providing ROI for a/v rich environments such as executive briefing centers

choreograph your content

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