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Discover how Mezzanine 200 Series makes it easy for everyone to share their work and collaborate as a team.

Primary Workspace

Present and manage. Fluidly display and manage multiple streams of video and images on the main Mezzanine display. Readily available menus provide access to content, presentation controls, and saved workspaces.


Extend your workspace. Distribute diverse content across more walls and screens to organize content or park for later consideration. Displays provide automatic layout for convenient content arrangement.


Control content and devices. The wand makes it simple to edit, zoom, capture and direct attention to specific content. Simple juxtaposition of content across the screens inspires fresh understanding and surfaces key insights during content creation. Participate without leaving your seat. You can even control other laptops.


Collaborate face to face from any location. Seamlessly integrate video-conferencing into your Mezzanine 200 Series room to increase engagement with remote teams.

Multiple Inputs

Swap ideas, not cables. Instantly and simultaneously share multiple laptop screens to Mezzanine with multiple inputs (including wireless), magnifying the natural parallelism of human interaction and ensuring team focus and engagement.

Multiple Device Support

Bring your own device. Sustain momentum with BYOD seamlessness. You can use your mobile device or your laptop’s web browser to securely access, control, and contribute to the workspace simultaneously with other users. Mark up workspace content with Android or iOS mobile devices.

Whiteboard Capture

Immediate data capture. Save whiteboard content to your workspace with a press of a button. Remote participants can also view your whiteboard during an Infopresence session.