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Our Latest g-speak Video

g-speak is our licensable SDK which enables rapid development of applications for immersive and spatial environments. Check out our latest video.

Humor by Design

Samson Klitsner recently joined Oblong Industries as an interaction designer on the Solutions team. He discusses the details behind his first project and tells us why it turned out to be a joke. […]

Big News for Small Spaces

Read about Mezzanine 200 Series’s unparalleled optimization of the collaboration process and the resulting gains in productivity and innovation. Skip to the end to explore how the proven capabilities of […]

We’re Growing!

This past year has been full of momentum and growth for Oblong. With the addition of Accenture, Boeing, NTT, NASA Aeronautics, Sarah Cannon, and IBM all using our technology, we have seen a 50+% growth in revenue year-over-year.